Monica Ariyo

Monica Ariyo is one of those true nurses, as she genuinely loves her career and can’t imagine doing anything else with her life. When Monica Ariyo is not providing direct care to her many patients, she spends time with her loving family and children, travels to places like England, Dubai, Spain, Italy, Africa, and France, and invests in real estate. Her well-rounded, caring, and optimistic personality help transform the lives of all who are fortunate enough to meet Monica Ariyo.

Monica Ariyo started her young career at Kean University, where she earned membership in the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. While here, she specialized in chronic pain management, geriatric nursing, and teenage pregnancy.

The latter field has particularly inspired her because she has seen how young and unprepared women are impacted by teenage pregnancy and how it transforms their lives. Monica Ariyo started her career early and helped teach young girls about teenage pregnancy issues.